Engineering Drawing / Graphics

The course provides a holistic perspective of Engineering Drawing/Graphics as an engineering subject and presents an opportunity to see through, visualize & understand the concepts using 3D and 2D animation driven lessons


📚 Engineering Can Be Tough, Not With Lynxe.

Lynxe is not just another online course platform. Lynxe provides an effective learning framework to maximise retention and understand concepts easily.

Framework Includes

Simplified learning concepts that are animation driven lessons.

Expert theory lectures from experience faculty.

Numerical assist to help you solve numerical in exams.

Notes in the form of e-books to understand concepts in detail.

What you will learn

Drawing Standards and Geometric Construction

Orthographic and Sectional Orthographic Projections

Projection of Points, Straight Lines, Planes and their Traces

Projection of Solids

Sectioning of Solids

Isometric Projections

Missing Views


What you will get

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